About Marley, Someone

Marley, Someone - Marley laptop

Marley is a listless Eurasian-Australian actor who feels she is destined for something greater. Struggling to find joy and fulfilment in an industry dominated by white Australia and eager to typecast her, Marley never relays her ennui outwardly but continues to float through life as she has always done. But when a big Hollywood blockbuster about Japanese Ronin starts filming in Sydney, Marley’s hopes are raised for a better future and a new chapter for people of colour. That is until she discovers two white men have been cast as leads. Through her incredible friends and a one-sided narcissistic romance with one of the lead actors in the film, Marley is forced to say a big “screw you” to society by putting a camera up to nature – in order to find herself and take ownership of her place in the world.